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Founder, Meade Emory
Architect of the "Hubbard" probate and the entire existing Scientology empire, he was Assistant Commissioner of IRS with Commissioner Donald C. Alexander, and was Legislation Attorney to the Joint Committee on Taxation. Meade "Ygor" Emory is the tax and probate mastermind who created the "Church" of Spiritual Technology (CST), then weaseled when it was exposed and he was asked about it.

The IRS's Very Own Brand of Scientology: "The Scientology Religion"
That's right: the IRS gave personal approval to what is now allowed be sold as "Scientology religion" texts, much of it altered and re-written works that are no longer what L. Ron Hubbard wrote. But these are the "scriptures" that the IRS, senior editors, decided you should have.
How IRS Runs Scientology
CST and IRS: Copyright

IRS Agents in the Church
The Scientology Copyright
Empire and the IRS
Why the Government Took Out
the Guardian Office

A strip-mall P.O. box? You call THIS a church?
You'd better; IRS does. And Meade made it happen! One question: where does the choir stand?
Was L. Ron Hubbard in on this?
He said tax men are a "criminal element." But you make the call.
1983: Treasury Dept. proves L. Ron Hubbard alive!
Your tax dollars at work: the U.S. Treasury provided special government inks and Treasury Department personnel to Sherman Lenske for the job.
What the hell?

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